We translate all types of text from English to Swedish. Our most extensive experience is in the field of technical text, but we’re always open to new challenges!

  •  Our emphasis is on creating natural, flowing Swedish.
  •  We use the Trados translation tool, which saves time and improves precision in large jobs or recurring texts.
  •  We make good use of an extensive network of other translators for consultation on terms, which ensures the correct terminology for the industry.

We have translated a wide range of materials, including: instruction booklets for children’s games, guides for home appliances, websites, newsletters and computer software manuals. Recently more work has been done for the automotive and heavy machinery industry: Service manuals, user manuals, websites and newsletters for both cars and construction equipment.

Extreme precision is necessary, so that the instructions correspond to the product’s appearance and function. The translation should be better than the original!
Computer-assisted translation tools are a must here, to ensure consistent terminology throughout the material. Step-by-step descriptions of functions and methods must be checked carefully to be sure that they correspond precisely to the actual function.
Product information sheets, marketing materials
A flowing language makes the material easier to grasp and therefore a better sales tool. It is crucial to apply the correct style and tone for the target group.