1989 – Own business, Lindok HB

1989 –Translation and writing services

Translation from English, Danish and Norweigan to Swedish, primarily of documentation for the automotive industry and heavy equipment, but also computer software, manuals for various other types of equipment, and marketing texts. I use CAT tools, primarily Trados.  Writing and editing of course materials, mainly for Microsoft products (Windows, Office), but also on general computer knowledge, database management and computer security. Writing of articles on Microsoft Office, database management and programming for an online magazine.

1988–2003 IT industry

Customer support for sales support system, telephone support for users, troubleshooting, maintenance of clients’ server installations. Further development of the system, programming, development of help systems and a user manual, in charge of translating the system to Danish, Finnish and English.

Project manager for the development of a new records management system in object-oriented technology. Data modelling, system development, design, programming in Smalltalk. User training of several user groups at throughout Sweden. Development of help systems and user manuals. Second-line support for the application.

Account manager for a public information query system. The system had hundreds of external users. Project manager for the development of the system, including a charge system and an authorisation system.

Account manager for records-management systems for several universities and other public organizations. Project manager for development and installation, user training, project meetings, further development, support.

Product manager for the Minisis database and information management system.

1970–1988 AB Sandvik Steel

1975–1988, Company library

In charge of the internal archives of research reports from the R&D centre. Tasks included indexing and searching for data, and computerising the archives. Purchasing and cataloguing literature. Subscriptions and organising periodicals. Posting purchases, budget documents and statistics. Programming systems for cataloguing periodicals, managing addresses, circulating periodicals etc. Performing computer-based information searches in external reference databases. Managing the project for purchasing and implementing an integrated library system. Heading the operations and further development of the system and providing user training.


2000             Java for C++ programmers

1997–1998    Docendo’s technical writing course

1997            The Trip database system

1996            Smalltalk programming

1996            Role modelling, the OOram method

1995            Novell 3.12 basic course

1994            Lotus Notes application development

1985            The Minisis library system

1976–1988    Several librarian courses, and courses in computer-based information searches

1973            Computer technician course, Skandinaviska skolan