We have many years’ experience of writing and updating course materials, online help, manuals and articles on software. We of course do write in Swedish, but can provide translation of the completed material into the target language of the customer’s choice.

  •  Course materials must be logically designed
  •  Help text must be adapted to the context and the target group
  •  Manuals must be complete

A product is no better than its documentation!

Manuals and online help
For the majority of products, users need a description of its functions, written in such a way that the users understand all the features. For software, it is crucial that the online help is context-sensitive, describing the particular window or dialog box the user is faced with. In many cases, we can develop manuals and online help as a unit, since much of the text is the same. This cuts the costs of documentation.
Course materials
Course materials should describe a product, program or process logically, step-by-step, so the student can continuously build up an understanding of new details without losing sight of the whole. Independent-study courses in particular must be extra clear. Courses headed by an instructor may require a separate guide for the instructor.
Perhaps you need an article about your product, for a press release or mailing. We can write a smooth-flowing, enticing description of the Product.