The History of Lindok

1989 – It all started with an advert… Document System Production was looking for translators. I applied, took a translation test, and was hired. My team translated 200 pages of the manual for the SuperCalc spreadsheet software – and half of my pay went to buying a Victor PC, with a colour monitor!

1991 – Per Karlsson, whom I had met at DSP, contacted me and wondered if I wanted to help translate the manual to the Microstation CAD software. It was the beginning of a long partnership with his company, PL Datasystem.

1998 – Docendo was looking for freelance technical writers for their course materials. I was accepted and attended their technical writing course. My first job for them was to write a continuation course for Windows 98. In the following years, I wrote and edited course materials in data communications, PCs, general IT, and Microsoft Access, to name a few.

2000 – I got in touch with Pagina Förlag, and wrote articles for their online magazine, Navigera.net. I wrote about Microsoft Outlook, VBA programming, Access and more. Navigera eventually came to be Nezzo.nu, for which I wrote more articles about Access, database interfaces and object-oriented programming.

2001 – Translation agency Mendez in Göteborg hired me to help translate the online help system for Microsoft Windows XP. I acquired Trados Freelance for the job. Mendez later became Bowne Global Solutions, and then Lionbridge.

2003 – Full-time work with translation and documentation. Became a regular supplier to Sandberg Translation Partners in the UK.

2005 – More clients, more work… Started working for CBG konsult, eventually my largest client.

2006 — My first “own” book for Docendo about wireless LAN and security on your home computer.

2011 — New subjects, for example agricultural equipment, and work for some smaller agencies within the EU.