Manuals, course materials and marketing materials from English, Danish and Norwegian to Swedish. Localisation (translation and adaptation to Swedish conditions) of computer software. Proofreading and checking of all kinds of material.

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Creating manuals, online help systems, course materials and other documentation for software and other products.

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25 years in the translation business! Lindok goes back to 1989, and we've worked full time with this company since 2003. For a more detailed history of events over the years, click here.

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Lindok is your translation and localisation partner for all types of technical text, from English, Danish or Norwegian to Swedish. We also generate course materials, manuals and on-line help for products and software, and provide training and consulting services in document management.

The company was founded in 1989, with the continuing goal of delivering perfect results, always on time, regardless of the size of the assignment.

Contact information

          +46 485 48311, mobile +46 765 77 28 48
Resedan 5, SE-387 35 Borgholm, Sweden